Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | February 14, 2008

in need of a better filter

My neighbor is a 30 year old male and we’ve become good friends since I moved in.  This morning we’ve been texting back and forth because I can hear when he comes and goes because the hinges on his door squeak.  From time to time i’ll raz him about putting WD-40 on the hinges as I was again this morning.  He then asked what I was doing today and responded and in return said,

J: “What are you doing? Taking Skipper (my nick name for his barely 22 year old girlfriend) for grilled cheese?”

N: “Maybe Chuck e Cheese. I’m not so sure.

J: “Awww man, I’m kind of jealous – wish i was young enough to play in the balls.”

N: “I think you’ve graduated beyond the plastic one’s. And easy now, she’s barely worked her way past Putt Putt.”

J: “Does that mean you’ve yet to get a hole in one?”


  1. Hey, don’t knock Chucky Cheese. Their pizza isn’t half bad.

    Personally, I like to wine and dine the ladies at Denny’s.

  2. HA! That’s hilarious.
    But everyone knows the best part of Chuck-E-Cheese was always Skee-Ball.

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