Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | March 3, 2008

serendipity Dubai style

I’ve often wondered why the world works in certain ways and why certain people are like balls in a pin ball machine popping up in the most unplanned places. Is it a connection between two people that drawls them together? How is it that within one week you run into someone at the grocery store, dry cleaners and across town at a smashing new restaurant? They aren’t stalking you, nor you them.  So what is it that brings people together over and over? Is it a natural willing of wanting to see the person again or perhaps, the universe’s way of willing fate when human judgment is not to be trusted.  I once ran into a girlfriend at a bar in another state.  Once while texting with my Favorite Ex-boyfriend we both realized he and I had layovers at the Vegas airport and were sitting a mere 50 feet away from one another at the bar.  On a recent trip to NYC my dear friend Kristina literally bumped into a friend who moved there last June in the middle of lounge. 

So, what is it that continually brings two people together?  Gamma Rays?


Thanks to Ambien and my new favorite airline, United Arab Emirates, I arrived on a direct flight from Houston to Dubai in roughly 16 hours.  After making my rounds with T- mobile and gaining full functionality of my phone I hopped in a cab and headed off to the hotel.  Everything in Dubai is bigger – the world is louder and the air is dustier. It’s the type of loud that erupts after an explosion leaving people running for shelter.

The hotel was grand and I do mean grand with windows touching the sky making me realize Texas skies are midgets to the ones in front of me. I was already starting to like the company that flew me out there strictly for their taste in proper amenities. After checking in and unloading my bags I went to ask the front desk about changing foreign currency.  While talking to the clerks a Saudi man dressed in a floor length thwab (sheet) began chatting with me and welcomed me to Dubai.  Now, quite frankly I’m not certain if he desired to trade me for camels (as happened to another flight attendant friend of mine while she was in Egypt) or if he wanted to take me home to Saudi so I could become his sex slave; regardless of his intentions I accepted his offer for a drink. My mother always told me I had more guts than brains but I figured not much harm could come to me in a hotel bar.  One drink into learning of his Saudi customs, “you must cover arms,” and “you American woman sure do… how do you say?” He then pointed to his chest, “You mean cleavage?”  This began a barrage of banter of learning cultural lingo.  He referred to male anatomy as an “elephant” and I asked him where I could find that man because that’s not an American man. He laughed and I sipped my vodka.


An hour later I had left my disparate Saudi friend and was sitting comfortably at “the best steak house in all of Dubai” according to the pamphlets I read with the Pilot in Command (PIC) and we were toasting to the start of a wonderful trip.  Two bottles of wine and a cup of coffee spiced with Bailey’s later I returned to my hotel room when the man I left last October in Arizona walked through the door.



  1. I’m not sure what the going rate for a camel is, but you may want to be careful and not press your luck as the next tradable commodity.

  2. I hope you didn’t fall into the abyss. There now, cryptic.
    Just like you.

  3. Are we ever gonna hear the rest of the story?

  4. It’s been since March 3rd! What happens next?

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