Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | March 23, 2008

a side sad with a touch of sass

I’ve been traveling and working since the 13th of the month and now I am home for the next threee days,  Wednesday evening anyway then I fly back to Mobile, Alabama where the 604 Challenger is located and then work for the next few days flying between Boca Raton, Florida and Teterboro, New Jersey (private airport everyone flies into when going to NYC).  It is a lot of work..even though my work is fun, it’s still work damn it!  HERE’S the thing about traveling for a living and flying – you feel like you’re living your life in a bubble..suddenly the world outside stops.   It’s easy to forget the news, it’s easy to forget our country is trying to elect it’s first female president or it’s first black president…it’s easy for people to forget you when your gone and not around…it’s easy for your friends to stop calling because you’re never home.  I try to schedule dinners with friends when I’m home, I have to – that’s what I’m deduced to.  My true friends…the one’s who will be with me for the rest of my life respond immediately with their schedule as Celeste and Courtney did, “I’m free all week just let me know when you’re in town.”  Those are the friends that love me for who I am and the person I strive to be…the friends who will stay around, pass me my teeth and bring up random bad Walmart panties like, “Who needs Santa when you’ve got credit cards.” those are the friends I adore, I’ve truly wiped shit off their stiletto’s and unraveled their bra staps.  Traveling is wonderful – I’m really getting paid to see the world but without being able to connect with my loved one’s it means nothing. 

Yes, this is a sappy post and not very poetic (two in a row), i’m rather somber as my sister just lost her niece (her brother-in-law’s daughter) to a brain tumor…they only learned of this tumor in September…about the time I made a career change.  Mary Claire and my niece Karenna are the same age.   Carlin, my sister,  and I raised money for The Magic Foundation during the Philadelphia Marathon in November of 2006 **she was born with a rare condition – born w/o a pituitary gland**  Mary-Claire left the physical world Thursday.  I alone can’t imagine what this is doing to Christine and Mike, my sister’s brother and sister in law.  I know the pain I wanted to steal on a daily basis and take it as my own after watcing my sister understand and learn of a rare condition with her own child.  Sometimes the Lord has a twisted way of teaching us lessons…and sometimes…I just don’t understand the WHY.


Saturday March 22nd- Mobile to Cabo – Laredo to Mobile

Fly empty to mobile FBO downtown and pick up 8 passengers, bag of red skittles (yes all other colors had been removed), jolly ranchers, assorted breakfast foods, 2 bottles of Riesling, grape soda, one In Style Magazine, (1) Oprah mag, (1) Ebony mag and 2 breakfast omeletsThe three hour flight was an easy one. My passengers included a man involved in the investment banking world, his beautiful and down to Earth wife, their two daughters (9 and 11), in laws and two Great Aunt’s.I’ve enjoyed flying with Matt and Zach (the pilots) tremendously; we are roughly around the same age.  Both of these pilots are married to great gals but as fun and humor has it we’ve grown to be comfortable with one another and say the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate moments 

In the last five days I’ve played a few jokes on the pilots… like having birthday cake delivered to dinner, placing a booster seat in their chair when they leave the dinner table to use the rest room and faking them out by telling them Kelly Ripa just completely undressed in the back of the plane.  I’m all about an eye for an eye and knew I was I due for a good payback. 

“Accidentally” my garment bag was left outside close to the fusel loge and a small bit of jet fuel leaked on to it.  This truly was an accident; my bag wasn’t the only one to smell of jet fuel as we were concerned of coming back through customs and being tagged by the FAA.  However, it was also an accident when I was talking to Zach and Matt in the cock pit while opening a can of Sprite Zero and watched in slow motion as it exploded it all over the PIC (pilot in command), myself and the ceiling of the cockpit.  Luckily, it did not get on any of the controls or computer run instruments.  After we were sure to wipe the up all the Sprite I returned to the cock pit and unknowingly said a loaded statement,

J: “I’m cold now that I’m all wet,” the moment it left my mouth I saw the smile on both their faces.
M: “Can you say that again but say that you’re warm?”
Z: “Yeah, and do you know any accents.”

This is the type of relationship/friendship I have with most of the pilots I choose to fly with.  We tease and say many inappropriate things all in good fun.

It certainly makes going through customs a lot more fun.

“Mám did you bring anything you need to declare?”

“I wanted to but he wouldn’t come”


  1. Where do you get a bag of just red Skittles?

    The last two lines killed me :o)

  2. Thought you’d get a kick out of this article. Well, the title, if nothing else…

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