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all in a days work




Written Friday March 21, 2008 


In the past week alone I’ve been in three different countries, high fived 12 kids under 10, been drunk off champagne and pina colada’s once in Cancun and once in St. John’s, heard of one marriage that will go the extra mile, heard stories of another one learning the ropes, talked Mr. Willing into coming to visit, spoke to a famous south jersey girl as though we had been life long friends and joked with her mother-in-law then called them cheap to the pilots, worked out so hard I wanted to puke, cried in bed over the loss of my sister’s niece, almost ran over a pack of wild turkey’s in Boston, spent to much money at the mall in mobile, Alabama,  touched down in 9 different states, had birthday cake delivered to a pilot while we were in st. John’s, rode a Hobe sailboat with a native islander (in st. John’s), received a massage that produced bruises on my back at a resort over looking the water, visited st. Lucia where my cab driver almost hit a few goat’s in the road, laughed at a pilot as he and I were watching Entourage on the jet he said, “Man what a life they have!” Then I pointed out  we were on a private jet with the other pilot flying with our feet up and resting comfortably….yeah, what a life since we just got paid to spend a night in Cancun and the next night in St. John’s at lavish resorts. But in the same token, they aren’t MY trips I get to schedule with MY friends – they are someone else’s….as my Mother said, “You get the honeymoon without the man.”
What I’m trying really hard to not do on this trip is feel lonely. I miss my friends and family – I’m home Sunday through Wednesday this week. I have friends I haven’t seen in over four months and others I’ve simply lost touch with – and then there’s friends like my Lindsey in Australia I speak with daily – even though we are continents away from one another she’s always right here with me. I haven’t even seen my boyfriend in a month and now he’s committed to visit for the brief time while I’m home **Cancel that since I wrote this I had to postpone his trip to meet me in Chicago on the 30th.  I’m trying hard not to think of how I’m going to miss one of my best friends baby shower’s this Saturday or how I’m going to miss my God Father’s funeral service next Sunday by a few hours in Chicago since we have an early charter that morning, but I be there a few hours after and that alone would have meant a lot to him.  AND, I’m trying hard to figure out just how I break the news to Casey that I won’t be able to make her shower – I’m trying even harder not to think about my cat, Jo being tortured by neighbor.
I write this all with a heavy heart and deep appreciation for all the things I truly am blessed with in this world, knowing I’ll sit across the table from my sister and parent’s next week and be able to go out with my cousin in Manhattan…cause I’ll be there for work and will make the pilots come with me….ya know since we’re flying a trip to Ireland next month.

In all seriousness though I will, for my own memoirs keep better tabs on my travels and upload photos and the zany things that occur – rest assured there is much craziness – like the time Matt (a pilot) and I were watching a movie while flying back from Colorado and Zach, the other pilot, turned all the lights off and walked into the cabin with an oxygen mask and a fire hood over his face while coming at me like a character from the Blue Lagoon – that’s the good stuff. Luckily, the pilots I choose to fly with are just as witty, wacky and a wee bit off as yours truly.

Okay – wheels up – gotta jet.

All my love,


  1. So so sorry to hear about your sister’s niece. :o( I don’t have any kids of my own and things like that make me so scared… isn’t enough that our parents will go – our children too, though?

  2. yet…yet..we still haven’t met 😦

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