Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 9, 2008


Currently i’m sitting at the IAH airport in Houston writing this from the president’s club and sipping on a glass of white wine.  I fly out in two hours to London Gatwick and arrive there Saturday 0745.  I arrived at the airport extra early in hopes to see my parents prior to leaving the country for four months.  Their plane is now delayed.  I board at 3:10 and they arrive at 2:50.  This now means I will not see my parents for a good eight months.  This would have worked out a lot better when I was a teenager and wanted nothing to do with them. 

I meet up with the pilots in London for breakfast and then Sunday we’ll fly in a Falcon 2000 to Dubai.  We’re spending the night in Dubai where i’ll meet up with my friend Romi who’se drivin in from Quatar.   Monday afternoon we will fly to Mumbai (Bombay). 

I have no idea where i’ll go from there.  Right now, I’m just sad to leave. Four months is a really long time to not see Casey have her baby, Cathy’s belly grow (I’m prob not going to be here for her babyshower either…but they are naming their son “Jet” so props to her), I won’t be here to witness the revolving door of one friends bedroom, or hear of E’s new conquests on a daily basis, i won’t be here to see my nieces grow or watch my older sister receive her P.H.D. from UPENN.   I’m going to miss talking to Lauren and taking her shopping (15 yr old i nanny for) and talking Jim, her son down from the ledge (Jk Jim).  I’m going to miss it all….and i’m going to miss that fucking cat of mine, jo.

The option to extend this contract is available…shall i wish to. I’ve committed to four mounths


  1. Yeah, that is the down-side of the jet-set lifestyle, isn’t it? Well, it’s only for a little bit, really, over the span of a lifetime. Right now, it’s just what you have to do. Later you can do other things. It won’t make up for what you miss now, but, then, not missing those things would mean missing something else.

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