Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 13, 2008

a new journey

I’m sitting in the business center at the hotel looking out over the pool and into the Indian Ocean sipping a vodka soda.  Today, I checked into my new home. 


This morning, we began our trip to the FBO and the plane.  Twenty minutes into the drive we received a call that our passengers would not be making the flight and we will be flying empty to Mumbai.  Translation, our passengers were hung-over and did not want to travel.    


I’m pretty wiped out myself and feel as though I’m in Night of the Living Dead.  I’ve barely had any sleep since arriving in London a few days ago and now. Let’s retrace this.


Friday – Houston to London 10hour flight.  Arrive in London Saturday morning 9:00am and as I’m having breakfast with the pilots they receive a call that the Father of jet owner wishes to fly out later that evening to Dubai instead of the following day.  The pilots and I walk all around London until 8 pm when we arrive at the jet and meet our passengers.  We fly 4 hours to Ankara, Turkey to refuel and promptly fly into Dubai.  Are you keeping up?  I already hadn’t slept since Thursday night.  When I’m in a new city sleep is as useless to me as a steak.  I have no interest in either.  We arrived in Dubai yesterday 7:30 am.  I was last in Dubai a few months ago and have toured much of it so I wasn’t suffering from kid in the candy store syndrome.  However, by 11:30 a.m. sleep and I still weren’t making friends.  One Ambien CR later and I was out like a rocket for a mere four hours.  By 6:00pm I met one of the pilots at Cin Cin for his favorite wine.  A few hours later the other pilots met us for a steak dinner (since I’m a vegetarian and all).  We parted ways at 9:00pm Dubai time which is about 2 or 3 in the afternoon Houston time.   It was midnight before I fell asleep and by 3:30 am I was wide awake.  My internal clock is so screwed up.  I still have yet to fall asleep since then and am trying to wait till dark.  I’m hurting big time.


My stomach is majorly upset – I’ve barely eaten anything and am trying to get calories from alcohol because I need something in my system and don’t know what else to do until my stomach toughens up.


Tuesday May 12, 2008

Last night I met up with the pilots in the executive lounge for drinks and to watch the sunset.  I had to stop writing when one of them came down.  As we’re talking and drinking CNN was on.  A Chinese woman who couldn’t have been older than myself ran up to the television as flashes of the earthquake hit, “My parent’s live there.” She excused herself and a half hour later reappeared unable to get through to anyone. 




I have a feeling this trip is going to tax my liver or at least dump more red wine into my system.   Dave and I probably went through 3 bottles sitting by the pool last night and talking.  He’s going to make this trip livable and easier to get through. We’re both kind of in the same boat. He’s got things he wants to take care of and I need to start thinking of retirement.  IF I DO THIS FOR A FEW YEARS I COULD RETIRE BY 35 and be able to get a new sailboat for my parents. 


I’m staying in a super ritzy place – I have to buy a new camera and will update soon.  This morning I went for a nice walk along the Indian Ocean.  EVERYONE was staring at me!  Apparently I stick out.  I’m probably going to have to dye my hair so I blend more.   When I caught someone’s eye I’d smile because that’s American culture.  The women would blankly stare back at me with an empty gaze.  The men would smile back while obviously checking me out.


This company has been really great about putting us up in only five star hotels.  We’re headed to Calcutta today and flying some Bollywood actors that own a cricket team….oh and some Indian princess as well.


Gotta Jet!



  1. Yeah, the thing many Indians have said to me is that so many of them are royal in some way or another.

    It sounds like an interesting journey. I received a similar offer years ago – a good job with lots of travel and tons of money, but it just wasn’t me.

  2. Wow. Just wow.

    I’m excited for and maybe a little jealous of you. Take lots of pictures. Keep me posted. What an adventure.

  3. eh!

    Not likely to happen!! He is a good looking guy and all – but not tall enough -those that know me understand how for whatever reason i’m only attracted to men 6’2″ and above. (Yes, i’m one of those girls and fully admit it because i can’t hide it.)

    He and I are both going to try to stick it out for a year. The money is to good not to try. And even though we spend a lot of time together he has a girlfriend and i have a crush back home. We talk about it as adults and friends tend to do.

    at this point – i can’t even imagine kissing him – in fact it grosses me out in a brother fashion because we’ll be spending so much time together in the next year.

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