Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 23, 2008

senseless india

“Why does seeing people carry things on their head make me laugh?”


“What was she thinking?”


“I’ve got a twelve pound bag of rocks?”


“So I’ll use my head as a shelf?”


The car swerves to one side violently and we are slammed against one another.”


“What the hell was that person thinking?”


“Seems like a perfect time to cross the street when cars are going 45 mph.”


“It’s only a matter of time before someone becomes road kill.”


Shortly after I first came to Mumbai on the front page of the paper was a guy with his head split open, dead and bleeding on the road.  India does not censorship it’s press one bit. 


We call crossing the street “Playing Frogger.”


Recently, after a child was murdered in bed CNN – India showed the bloody hand prints and blood stained sheets.  This is a country unafraid to show the hardships of it’s people.  Nor is it unafraid to publish improper English and misspelled words.


I call reading the paper a reminder to use spell check and now understand, sometimes censorship can be a good thing.  Not always, just sometimes.


And sometimes when I’m frustrated beyond human consumption and talking over a glass or two of wine about this Indian Aviation company we have to deal with the pilot will say, “Why are you yelling at me?” to which I always reply, “stop tooting my horn.”


And that is a joke that carries on for months on end with stupid punch lines whenever we’ve had enough and don’t understand the “WHY” of Indian culture.  


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