Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | May 30, 2008

the adventure continues

Spying a bottle of wine that was set on a room service table I grabbed it and said, “Fuck it! Let’s drink,”


“Put that down. We’ll order a fresh bottle from the lounge.”


Dave called twenty minutes earlier to ask what time we were meeting in the lobby.


“Was it 6:00 am or 6:15 am?”


Ten minutes later he knocked on my door, “You’re never going to believe this. Our plane is in Singapore.”


After a half hour of banter in the lounge (no alcohol included) I broke out of our five star prison and on to the beach.  I love my walks in the morning on the beach– people just stare at me and smile.  It’s a delicate and quaint way to communicate.


Last night I sat in the lounge for two hours talking to an Aussie Pilot and learning of his life in Australia.  I saw photos of his wife and kids, etc…


And now, I’m heading out to take breakfast to this adorable little girl Misharata – she’s four and a street kid.  She’s so stinking cute and doesn’t ask for money – just food. 


Yesterday in an email I wrote this to a friend,


There’s this little girl with crazy hair who can’t be any older than five.  Anyway, you know I take all the catering with me and give it away as we’re headed to the hotel.  Yesterday I gave about five dishes to her and her sister.  I walked past them today she just stared at me until I waved hi. Then she did the whole hand to mouth thing asking for food.  She asked for food, not money…food.  I told her I’d get her something and I’d be right back.  She followed me down the street a bit then another girl appeared next to her.  I bought them both meals from street vendors which was only 40 rupee which is the equivalent to ONE DOLLAR!  As we were walking back an older girl appeared who said she was the sister of the second girl.  I talked to her briefly…I really wanted to whisk them away and let them take a shower.  They are so stinking cute it hurts. They are street kids and live right here on the street.  I don’t know what to do on this one.  We’ve got a day trip tomorrow to pick up Sunny and Anu ((digression every time I think of them I can’t help but visualize them as cartoon characters…their names are Sunny and Princess Anu) I’ll have a load of catering on my return and will bring the kids dinner again but my dilemma lies in what if they get caught in a cycle depending on me and never learn to help themselves and then suddenly my contract is done and they end up hungry.


OF COURSE I’ll bring her food…HOW COULD I NOT?


Its heart wrenching.


I may be coming home July 8th for a week – we’re still trying to work everything out.  Or I may just come back for good – it’s all up in the air still.


  1. She found you didn’t she? She’ll figure something out.

  2. OK. Am caught up on your adventures. Cool pix.
    Miss your texts. Didn’t realize how expensive it would be.
    Saw Greek last nite. It was a fun time.
    That cool person that I met that I told you about? Well that’s over and done. Have written about it but haven’t posted it. This week
    OK, now you’re caught up.

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