Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | June 2, 2008

bout of giddiness

“What are the odds we’d get stuck in the car with two teeth suckers?  When I get back to the room I’m opening a bottle of scotch and putting a gun to my head.  You in?”


“For the scotch or the gun?”


Phhhhhsssh (teeth suck sound from the back seat of our car.


Eying one another in a “is this really happening moment” I responded, “BOTH!”


And  began to laugh the ridiculous stupid way a mental person does with out having reason to the hilarity of a moment in time.  Our day had reached hell freezing over riding back to the hotel in Mumbai after another 14 hour day, an hour and a half in traffic, two teeth suckers; one of which kept singing Hindi songs.


Don, pilot from U.S., is 61 years old and has this horrible habit of sucking his teeth.  It’s nails on a chalk board grating and down right irritating.  On our flights I’m in the back of the plane “being punished” by our passengers and Dave is stuck in the cockpit with Suneal (the Indian Pilot who forgets to wear deodorant) and Don the “Teeth Sucker”.  When you spend as much time with one another like we do, as a crew, we become old married couples living on borrowed time who nag one another and become irritate.  Somehow in the middle of it all it’s funny.  I’m a laugher and find the humor in the strangest of all places….that’s how I get by in life…it’s a survival tool I could teach to some of the whiners.


Two minutes later the Indian Handler in the back seat was singing Hindi when his phone rang and he broke out of Hindi and said, “What. Shit.!”





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