Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 7, 2008

Tu devrais peut-être l’apprendre

Im in French Guiana in South America typing on a funky french keyboard

i went for a run during sun rise on the beach this morning at 6am 4 am  Houston time:  The skies were absolutely stunning with a pink and blue tranquility ive been missing as of late:

However; note to self; remove back street boys from ipod….there is just something about French Guiana and the Backstreet Boys that dont quite jive.

Our passengers invited us to the shuttle launch this afternoon so ill write more about that later as there is a glorious pool here begging to be swam in. and an ocean i have yet to jump in and oh how i do like to jump.

This is the first country ive traveled to where no one speaks english so its back to communicating with hand gestures. Anyone know french phrases they can pass on?

Much love and thanks jenn and jimmy for hosting a fabulous 4th of July celebration

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