Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 31, 2008

what i’ve been up to

I’ve now been in MIA for quite some time.  Since we last departed India I spent two days with some great friends on a trip to Long Island.  These pilots are now in Abu Dhabi and crack me up every few hours with a random text.  After that were a few days in Vegas on THE GRAND SHOPPING SPREE.  Only yours truly can leave for a run, spy a dress in a window, change into said dress and purchase matching shoes then return to the hotel nine hours later with twelve new bags and have spent $1,200.00.  The next trip was a back and forth few days to Colorado and then down to French Guiana in South America to watch a satellite launch. 

Jim, Me and Jim
Jim, Me and Jim



 And then off to Paul Bunyan land in Minneapolis where we had a full blown water park in the hotel.  Because we were in Minneapolis with a few days to spear a trip was made to the Mall of America. The MECCA of SHOPPING! ERRRR.WRONG. Please proceed to inhale and exhale into the nearest plastic bag if you think you think this Mall of America is anything worth seeing in your life time.  The mall has all the other stores and shops any other mall has and is simply the largest mall in the states because it has an amusement park, casino and movie theatre in it.  I was simply not impressed.  I arrived home from Minnesota and went back out for six days missing Cathy’s baby shower.  To say the least, I was not happy about it and that’s all I’m going to say on that.


I’m now in Switzerland but the plane is based in Dubai…at least that’s what I was told and is on my paperwork however, I now get news we may be based in Jeddah or Riyadh.  All that shopping does me no good if I have to wear an Abaya all the time. 


…more to come in a minute on switzerland



  1. Wow. What a journey you’re on.

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