Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 2, 2008

Giggling like a school girl

flying monkies from wizard of OZ

flying monkies from wizard of OZ

On my morning run I stopped to look at a map just over the Rhine River.  I was a little zoned out and craving Starbucks while bouncing along to the song that’s entered my life like a mission statement.


“Where do you want to go?”




The man with a German accent wearing a t-shirt advertising England pointed to the map in front of me and said, “We hop on ship and we go here or up to here to St. Louis or down here; or if you want to take train to Germany and go here.”


I yanked at the earbuds blaring my new favorite song and stared at him.  His accent was thick like wallpaper covering the space between us and I let it drip into my ears.  His German was much kinder to my ears than the German who began yelling at me in the grocery store yesterday when I didn’t understand his message. I was confused as there was not a number to weigh my grapefruit and he was telling me over and over something foreign to my knowledge.  Each repeat was louder and louder till a Swiss girl in broken English kindly told me what he was saying.    Now, that was just down right scary as I stammered, “I don’t understand.  I don’t speak German.” I truly felt like a flighty flight attendant and heard “Stupid American Girl” tripping around in my head.


“I’m just looking to see where I could go…to get lost for a day or so.”


“Then let’s go…how you say… get lost.”


“We go here?”


Stalling I asked, “Where are you from?”


“I’m from here,” he pointed to a small dot on the map representing a tiny town roughly 30 miles away in Germany, “you want me show you?”


“I…I….I don’t have my passport with me.”


Had an American been present the phrase, “We don’t need no stinkin badges” would have entered the conversation.


….and the adventure continues



monkey's new girlfriend
monkey’s new girlfriend






  1. Well, at least you’re not likely to get kidnapped in Germany. Drunk in a biergarten, maybe.
    I took German in High School for two years and a semester refresher in College. If you’re going to spend a lot of time there and want some survival German lessons, give a shout the next time you’re in the States.

    (Did he ask to touch your monkey?)

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