Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 5, 2008

Todo, i lost Kansas

Apparently batting eyelashes while wearing an Adidas running skirt still works in parts of the world when said accidental running tourist crossed a border, shit! “Do you speak English?” “Yah eh do,” responded the customs agent 500 yards after I realized I had indeed fled Switzerland on foot while zoned out to Mr. Mraz.   


“Did I just leave Switzerland?”


“Yueh, welcome to Germany.”


JimminyCricket! “I was running and didn’t mean to…”


“Dis side is Witzerland ehw dis is Hermany ,”


 Todo we’re screwed.  “I….didn’t realize…can I continue running in Germany and cross back to Switzerland?”  The customs agent looked at me blankly which is when I said, “I was exercising,” I jogged in place in hopes he’d understand more of what I was saying, “can I continue running in Germany and come back to…”


Cutting me off he asked, “Do you have a passport?”


I slapped my bare thighs, “Not on me.”


“Okay just remember it next time.”


Done and DONE! 


         Spent what would cost $70USD for hair cost $145 at an Aveda salon. 

         Reached point where I had vantage point of France, Germany and Switzerland an spent 18.00 USD for a matinee movie – Mama Mia (that’s the average price to see a movie here) d was not impressed

          Watched adorable Swiss guys play sand volleyball and hung out with said s.v.b.g later that night discussing the difference of mojitios and Swiss education system vs. American.  We lost.

         Ditched a pilot or two (my own crew got on my nerves upon their return to Basel)

         Established Dubai number (skype me for it)

         Left the Executive lounge with an English chap for a drink at a bar.  When it came time to order a second glass of vino he said, “he was wined out,” after arriving back at the hotel he asked, “So, is it time to raid the mini bar?” Turning in disgust I replied, “I don’t think so Detective,” as the elevator door closed.


I have no idea when or if we’re flying next it all depends when the plane is fixed.  Tomorrow I’m taking a train to Lucerne, Switzerland and taking a 5 hour hike up Mount Pilatus.


  1. It’s truly unreal all the opportunities you’re getting overseas.

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