Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 10, 2008

falling hard

Hi everyone,
Just a quick note – switzerland is great. In the last week I’ve danced myself dizzy while being twirled on a floor high above Lake Geneve, scaled wires 60 feet above the Earth attached to only a harness, walked hand in hand down a cobblestone path with a man who barely spoke English (from the Netherlands) and gave me his H&M sweater to wear and refused to take it back when we parted ways, been flipped upside down and twirled around.  Oh how I do love to be twirled and punched in the arm everytime a Punch Buggy passes
My Swiss love affair has continued long after the Netherlands man departed.   I, ahem…we decided to make me an honest women and have begun the process of completing my Swiss citizenship.  Meet my new boy toy, Woody.  It’s love. True love i tell ya.



  1. I hate to say this, but your boyfriend seems, well, a little wooden. And, um, he looks like he’s wearing a dress or is part of the circus or something.

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