Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | August 17, 2008

a note to cathy

I hadn’t intended to post this upon writing it but after rereading it decided to simply for the sake of memory and with her permission will also post her heart felt response. 

From: Jessica Henry
Subject: hey
To: “Catherine
Date: Saturday, August 16, 2008, 7:12 PM

i was thinking about you today like the Republican party thinks about covering things up (almost wrote catholic church). I went to bed shortly after we spoke a few days ago. I know you aren’t looking forward to heading back to work with the birth being so close.  I’m also sure you won’t take my advice of doing headstands to prevent Jet’s arrival before I come home.
I hate not being there with you to go out to dinner and do all the girly stuff we should be doing. Then again, that’s not really us anyway,”the girly stuff”. Yes, we’ll take the massage/mani/pedi but when it comes to all things girl and pink…peptobismol Paris Hilton Pink; you and I would rather go on a zip line than go through the entourage process. We’d do zero to Bitch in .005 with a, “I got it. Please,” then brush past them a bit to aggressively because the doiting had been to much. 
I hated and cried over missing the baby shower as i can’t make this time up. I hate a lot of things about my job simply because i miss witnessing the lives of my loved ones.  I hate that I wanted to mail you this letter but can’t for a moment even begin to figure out the French postal system because i don’t speak french and they refuse to speak english. im learning how to warm them up to it.  Turns out the French begin English class their “freshman” year and often sooner.  However, their frustration equates to ours (in Texas) when someone can’t speak English.  I’m a guest in their country, damn it. However, most Americans are more than eager to help as I’ve seen…the French …not so much. I write that with trepedation as the Swiss (speak French) and are always accomadating, that’s what happens when you’re neutral. ..Oh by the way, I’m in Paris as I type this.  Whatever, so not impressed with Paris it’s like NYC. I’m looking forward to heading back to Geneva where there are obvious moutains to climb and not obvious structures to see.  Paris reminds me of Tiffany jewlery.  It’s an easy answer and the simpliest design knowing there are better choices available.  Buy once, buy well and i’m not paying for this trip.
However, even though it is cliche in practice and all function of the vary act I did have to see first hand the eiffel tower.  I had been warned, “Oh the Eiffel. Do not set in cue for 45 then get to theee top cause then ..okay..that’s it….,” it’s like seeing the Empire State building…okay, it’s a building..YAY (my architect brother-in-law is about to flog me for typing that) I appreciate design however it does not compare to what i’ve seen in the last three weeks since i’ve been gone.  I don’t know Cathy, this trip and what i’ve seen and the people i’ve tried to communicate with has changed me in a lot more ways than India did. 
My Dad is on his way to pick up my sister from Ethiopia with my new nephew Kai.  She said he’s the strong silent type and says stuff she can’t understand mostly when they were tossing the ball.  Funny that my Mother (who went on the adoption excursion) did not respond when i mentioned, “he’s probably saying ‘these white people keep stealing my ball. I can’t wait to put scorpions in their bed.'”
anyway, that’s enough for tonight as it’s late.
much love

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