Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | December 23, 2008

interview with a flight attendant – ME!

Hometown: Moorestown, New Jersey

Base? Houston, Texas

Last flight? Grand Junction, Colorado (the weather in Aspen wouldn’t allow us to land there) to Houston

Galley or Aisle? Aisle, much more entertaining but I prefer the bench next to the galley in the back of a GulfStream

First class, business class, or coach? I throw a mental hissy fit when I fly commercial or a company wants to “airline me home” so it’s a first class thank-you for the upgrade.

Widebody or Narrow-body?
I like the narrow bodies and prefer Gulfstreams over Challengers or Falcon’s.

Favorite airplane?
G450, A320 and Global Express until the G650 comes out that is

Regular Route? 
Yeah, right that’s not even a question outside of I’m sick of beaches. 

Dream Trip?
I’m probably supposed to say something totally girly like Paris but it’s over rated and if we’re going to dream then dream BIG or go home. Sailing around the Greek Isles, watching the sunset in Majorca Spain, shopping in London and a turn on the Eye

Nightmare Trip? 
Jeddah, anywhere Saudi Arabia as I had the WORST NIGHTMARISH EXPERIENCE there. However, that’s where the money is right now and the hypnosis helped so I’ll probably be going back soon.

Craziest thing that ever happened on a trip? 
A certain hip hop star’s bodyguard attempted to lock me in the bathroom with him.

What exactly is in your roll aboard?
Crew Manual, Macbook, adapters, nail polish, a night shirt, digital camera, pens, tags, sun glasses, sewing kit, shout wipes, tissues, tape and safety pins. 

And the tote bag?
I don’t have a tote bag but use my K.C. computer bag and jam everything in there from clothes to my MacBook

Any packing tips/tricks? 
Inside your cargo suitcase, I suggest any traveler to print a list of essentials NOT TO FORGET, so before closing your suitcase you know what you’ve missed out on. Also rolling, zipping and buttoning up your clothes reduces their size and creates more space

Nicest Airport? Duh, Philadelphia! I kid, I kid. I like the shopping in the Atlanta Airport and love the options at the Geneva Airport; France to the right and Switzerland to the left. However, Philadelphia does have a great wine bar as does the Dallas airport.

Worst Airport? 
New Delhi – when the monsoons hit it’s down right paralizing. During one trip Dave and I were in our car when the driver kept getting out. We realized everyone parks their car and puts it in neutral so people can push the car out of the way…India is a comedy routine. And Jeddah, Saudi Arabia why on earth would you park a triple seven (777) 300 miles away from the terminal with 380 passengers to board and walk out on the tarmac while private planes “special flights” are allowed to park right next door. We almost ran over a few Saudi’s.

Favorite Airport restaurant? 
I haven’t found one, anyone have a suggestion? While I was eating at a sports bar type restaurant in Atlanta on a Sunday afternoon earlier this month three guys walked up behind me to check the score of the football game on the screen above me. One of them looked down at me eating by my lonesome and said, “A salad, a beer and tabasco? That’s a first.” I turned around and responded, “Hey I have to get my carbs SOMEHOW.” I then had three new dinner companions. As much as I complain about HAVING to fly commercial I sure do love the randomness of airports.

Any traveling snacks? 
Usually a few grapefruits, tic tacs and a sugar-free red bull.

Hotel away from home?
I always know i’ve been working to much when I click my heels and say there’s no place like home then wind up in a Marriott.

Best layover city?
London and Dubai. The Dubai airport should have it’s own zip code.

Favorite in-flight announcement?
The 20 minute long arabic announcement post take off that describes our IFE, it’s like watching a midget running a marathon.

Book / Magazine last read on the jumpseat? 
Puddles and In Style.

Most annoying passenger question? 
It’s usually from a child jumping around and asking what the emergency door is for, “it’s the door to a science experiment to see if you can bounce,” has crossed my mind.

Ever hook up with a passenger?
I really like my paycheck and doing so would not be lady like behavior. Passengers are off limits regardless of what happens in the movies or when bodyguards tell me, “if someone is attacking you start taking off your clothes.”

Another flight attendant?
Are you new? Seriously? What type of question is that? I’m not in college anymore buddy. 

Finish the following sentences:

Before I was a flight attendant, I… used to worked long days in healthcare informatics (Healthcare I.t.) sales, was constantly exhausted, a complete party girl and not happy. 

When I’m not flying, I… divide my time between working out, reading/writing, spending time with friends, shopping, gambling…I mean dating, blogging and catching up on what I’ve missed out on while i’ve been gone.

I can’t fly without my… my sunglasses, breath mints, a lint roller and sense of humor.

On my last flight… from London to Dallas my passenger kept popping sleeping pills and I watched his son make snow angels in Canada while we were refueling.

Once a passenger… had me laughing in stitches because she really is just as sweet and cute on t.v. as she is in real life. Love that South Jersey girl.

Why do pilots… deem it necessary to pick on the flight attendant. While flying from Miami to Manchester I opened a can of Sprite Zero which exploded. After i cleaned it up I sat in the jump seat and said, “Now, I’m cold and wet.” The pilots turned around and said, “Can you say that again and do you know any accents?”

If I could be anywhere in the world, I’d….. be in Lucerne Switzerland again zip lining, hiking and sitting in a quaint cafe on the lake at dinner.

When it comes to traveling, If people knew….what really goes on in a cock pit no one would fly.

Why do passengers…I’ve got nothing on this one, people are generally odd.

If I had to pick one flight attendant pet peeve, it’d have to be… calling me “darling” or “honey”, that’s not my name! 

Any advice for travelers? Whether you are flying commercial or private the crew is just as annoyed with delays and all the other nuances that go along with travel. Go easy on us and don’t take it out on us – balancing on heels while ascending thousands of feet isn’t easy and makes it worse when pax are using displaced aggression.

Next flight? 
Grand Cayman again, I’m tired of beaches.

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