Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | July 6, 2009

Next on the Horizon

Hello Internet,

I write to you from Teterboro, New Jersey a.k.a. the mecca of private aviation gateway to NYC.  I left Houston yesterday and headed for Midland/Odessa Texas.  Not much to say about good ol’ boy west texas oil and gas drilling town of Midland other than, “why the hell would anyone live here?”  I digress, I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement right now as I’m waiting for my parents (whose 41st wedding anniversary is today) and my older sister with her three little bugs.  They are just joining me for dinner but I couldn’t be happier to see them before I take off for my next big adventure.  Tomorrow we fly to Boston and Wednesday a new chapter in my travels begin.

I didn’t think I’d be able to top last summer with traveling to Geneva, Basel, London, Paris, Beiruit, Egypt, France, Germany and Italy.

Stay tuned….my obnoxiousness is coming your way.

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