Posted by: canaryinacoalmine | April 13, 2007


Thank-you soooo much for showing up last night. It really meant a lot to bring in a new decade with you. In case you couldn’t hear it, below is the toast to you I couldn’t read but my fabulous Ronda read.

Well I just turned 30 and I originally set out to write something memorable instead, I spent a few hours writing something that I hoped would detail the last ten years of my life. However, upon waking up this morning I realized that what I wanted to say wasnt that at all. Probably because I think it was heavily influenced by the events of the last six months. The truth is, this has probably been the hardest year of my life. Between jobs, family, dating and some other personal things in my life, it was really quite a challenge to get through it. But the good news is that I did get through mostly with the help of some great friends.

So, as I turn 30 Im going to take this opportunity to turn the page on some of the bad things that have happened and say thanks for all the great people in my life for helping me get through them. I am looking forward to all the amazing things that will happen in the next ten years and the people I will get to share them with.

For everyone in my life, thanks for being with me this whole time


  1. I’m so glad i got to be there last night!! and if Rhonda wouldn’t have read it..i would have…except i was right beside you tearing up as well…go figure…here’s to the beginning of year 2 together 😉

  2. ive heard that 29 is the toughest year for lots of people. i dont know why. mine was the time between 17 and 28. not exactly a year but all the hell kinda blends together.

  3. Welcome to the next decade!

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